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Determinant of smallholder plantain farmers participation in market

Iyabo adeoye, Olayinka adegbite

Published on: 28 Mar 2018 | Volume: 5, Issue: 1 | Pages: 5-12 |

Increased participation of smallholder farmers in the output market shall go a long way in improvement of livelihood and sustainable agricultural development.  However, there is dearth of information about factors influencing market participation of plantain farmers in the study area. Factors influencing participation of Plantain farmers in the output market in two local government areas of Osun state, Nigeria were studied. A multistage stage sampling approach was adopted to select a sample of 97 plantain farmers.  Primary data on socioeconomic characteristics yield and constraints to market participation were collected using semi-structured questionnaires. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Probit regression and Household Commercialization Index (HCI). Findings showed that majority of the farmers (81.4%) participated in Plantain market. Result of the Probit regression revealed that marital status, household size, access to market information, farmer’s age and farm size were the factors influencing participation of the smallholder’s plantain farmers in the market. The most important constraints to market participation in the study area were inefficient transport system and bad road (94%).The study therefore brings to the fore that increasing farm size should be accompanied with appropriate capacity building and deeper knowledge of production and market forces at farmer’s level.