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Studies on bio colour extraction from elephant foot yam

Subbulakshmi B, Parvathi S

Published on: 29 Dec 2016 | Volume: 3, Issue: 4 | Pages: 26-31 |

Colour is an inherent property of foods and it enhances the delicacy of food not only provide flavor and delight appearance, but it also provides information on quality and condition of the food products. The synthetic colours are toxic and they have proved to be harmful to human health and also make it undesirable for human consumption. Consumer awareness and growing concern over the safety aspects of synthetic colours have put the pressure on food processors to adopt natural colours, which are considered to be safe to the consumer. Therefore the attention of food industry has turned to use synthetic colours in food products. Natural food colours are generally extracted from fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots and microorganisms. Natural food colours protect food from oxidation by enzymes. Therefore, they not only enhance the appearance and flavor to the food but also protect the food from oxidation. Many natural colorants are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and their presence in the diet reduces the risk to many diseases. The present study was conducted to extract the bio food colour powder from elephant foot yam by using spray dryer. The colour was extracted with water and acetone as a solvents, different level of maltodextrin (15, 20 & 25%), drying termperature (160, 180 and 200oC) and flow rate (25 & 30 ml per min). The yield recovery 9.3g/100ml was maximum at 180ºC with a flow rate of 25 ml / min at 25 % maltodextrin. The colour value L* was found to be 181.05, a* - 9.33and b* was found to be 56.06. The powder was sensory evaluated and sensory score was recorded as 8.2 thus, natural colorants from foot yam which are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and their presence in the diet reduces the risk to many diseases.