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Forms of potassium of representative soil series of sub-montane zone of Maharashtra

M.V.V.I Annapurna, BS Kadam

Published on: 27 Jun 2016 | Volume: 3, Issue: 2 | Pages: 14-19 |

The representative soil series of order Entisols, Inceptisols and Vertisols collected from agriculture college Kolhapur and different research stations of Sub-montane zone of Maharashtra were assessed for different forms of potassium and its distribution. The water soluble K, Exchangeable K, non-exchangeable K and lattice K contributed 0.23, 2.87, 8.97 and 87.81 per cent of total K, respectively. From the mean values, highest water soluble K,  exchangeable K, non-exchangeable K, lattice K and total K  were noticed in Vertisols followed by Inceptisols and Entisols. The water soluble k and exchangeable K were found higher in surface layer than sub-surface layer. There was no any specific trend noticed with respect to depth wise distribution of different forms of potassium. These representative soil series of Sub-montane zone of Maharashtra were categorized as medium to high in status for non-exchangeable K and low to moderate in status for total K.