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Identification and quantification of antifungal compounds from medicinal plants by HPLC method

G Revathi, P Marimuthu, Ramesh Kumar

Published on: 27 Sep 2015 | Volume: 2, Issue: 3 | Pages: 5-11 |

The quest for plants with medicinal properties continues to receive attention as scientist survey plants, particularly with ethnobotanical, significance for complete range of biological activities ranges from antibiotic to anti-tumor. The anti-microbial compounds present in medicinal plants are degradable and selective in their toxicity and so they are considered as valuable ingredients for controlling plant diseases caused by virus, bacteria and fungi. The antifungal compounds of two medicinal plants viz., Lantana camara and Bougainvillea glabra was extracted by using ethyl acetate. Active spots identified by thin layer chromatography assay and were further purified using preparative HPLC. The purified compounds were subjected to chemical analysis and found to contain phenolic group of compounds. HPLC purified Lantana camara ethyl acetate extract was found to be more active against Pythium aphanidermatum than the Bougainvillea glabra extract. The compound was further analysis and confirmed by GCMS. The partially purified phenolic compounds can be used against plant pathogens. However further study in the purified compounds must be under taken to validate the results