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Response on callusing and regeneration of two quality rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties

Ramchander S, S Sheelamary, K Baghyalakshmi, S Revathi, M Arumugam Pillai

Published on: 27 Sep 2015 | Volume: 2, Issue: 3 | Pages: 15-18 |

The present investigation was carried out to study the response of two quality rice varieties viz., White Ponni and BPT 5204. This study focused to evaluate the genotypes for their callus induction frequency, relative growth rate of callus and regenaration capacity using Murashige and Skoog medium. Among the two varieties under investigation, the mean callus induction percentage, embryogenic callus induction percentage and relative growth rate of callus was higher in BPT 5204 when compared to White Ponni. BPT 5204 was more responsive for tissue culture than White Ponni.