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Physical quality characteristics of high yielding two-line hybrids in rice (Oryza sativa L)

D Dhivyapriya, R Kalaiyarasi

Published on: 28 Mar 2015 | Volume: 2, Issue: 1 | Pages: 17-19 |

The physical quality characteristics of rice grains are important indicators of grain yield. Grain quality characteristics were studied for fifteen promising hybrids along with its parents. Hulling percent ranged between 68.75 % to 88.70 %. The hybrids namely TS09 22 X CO 43, TS09 22 X CB05/501, TS09 22 X T1408.10, TS09 410 X ADT 38 and TS09 410 X WGL 14 had the highest values of hulling, milling and head rice recovery percentage. Highest kernel length of 5.80 mm was observed in TS09 12 X CB05 911/884. Among all the hybrids analyzed, two hybrids viz., TS09 12 X CB05 911/884 (5.80mm) and TS09 22 X T1408.10 (5.60mm) were seen with medium kernel length category. Out of fifteen hybrids observed, three hybrids were found with medium kernel breadth. Comparing the Length /Breadth ratio, the hybrids namely TS09 22 X T1408.10, TS09 28 X CO 43 were categorized under the medium slender type