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Growth performance and blood serum protein profile of broiler finisher fed with probiotics

Adewoye Ezekiel Doyin, Ofelia Galman Omitogun Omitogun

Published on: 31 Dec 2022 | DOI: | Volume: 9, Issue: 4 | Pages: 10-21 |

The study which spanned 35 days was carried out to investigate the impact of using probiotics on broiler birds' blood protein profile using the gel protein band development comparison. CRD was used for the experiment. A total of 36 Cobb Vantress birds were raised and fed with probiotics brand (poultry growth enhancer) containing culture solution of Lactobacillus spp. i.e milk bacteria, Bacillus spp., and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The bird physical parameter such as body weight and feed supplied were weighed and birds were fed with restricted feeding style. The bird fed with probiotics included diet had a significantly higher average daily weight gain than those not fed with probiotics (p<0.05) at 40.16 for the treated and 39.09 for the control while the final weight gain on the restricted diet with treatment was not significantly different at 1.13 while those without the treatment was 1.167 and the initial body weight of the control birds was higher than those fed with probiotics in the diet. The electrophoretic protein profile of control and probiotics-fed birds based on a preliminary investigation of 10 randomly selected birds fed with and without probiotics. It was discovered that thicker bands were observed at point for globulins, transferrins, and albumins showing increased level as globulins contain antibiotics for defense, transferrins for oxygen transport, and albumins for greater blood oncotic pressure; this suggests that probiotics had a major impact on the birds' health.