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The influence of flock age and egg size on egg shape index, hatchability and growth of japanese quail chicks

Francis Kruenti, Vida Korkor Lamptey, Maxwell Ansong Okai, Gabriel Adu-Aboagye, Akua Druwaa Oduro-Owuso, Frederick Bebanaayele, Bridget Suurbessig

Published on: 31 Mar 2022 | DOI: | Volume: 9, Issue: 1 | Pages: 8-16 |

The study assessed the effects of age and egg size on egg shape, egg weight loss, hatchability and growth of Japanese quail. A total of 198 eggs from a breeder flock at 40, 43 and 46 weeks of age were categorised as light, medium and large. Egg shape index was analysed using Histogram with Fit and Groups. Data were subjected to two-way Analysis of Variance using General Linear Model procedure of Minitab (version 18) at 5% Least Significant Difference. Egg weight loss was not different in the younger birds but changed significantly at 46th week on the 6th and 12th days of incubation. Egg weight loss significantly changed between the light and medium-sized eggs. Fertility was significantly affected by egg size. Age and egg size did not change hatchability but significantly affected hatching weight. Chick growth varied significantly at day 14 in eggs collected at week 40. Chick growth significantly increased across the days as egg size increased. The least shape index (77.3%) was recorded in the heavy and medium eggs at 40 and 46 weeks of age. Fertility, hatchability, chick growth and mortality can be affected by age of quails and size of quail eggs