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Performance evaluation of tef varieties for yield and yield related traits in east Gojam zone of Amhara region

Jember Mulugeta Bitew, Alehegn Workie

Published on: 31 Mar 2022 | DOI: | Volume: 9, Issue: 1 | Pages: 1-7 |

Tef is the only cereal cultivated for human consumption in the genus Eragrostis. Compared to other cereal crops tef is resilient and able to withstand adverse weather conditions. The major problems for adaptation of tef are lack of diversified alternative improved varieties adapted to the study area and limited availability of varieties. This study was carried out to recommend best adapted and high yielder tef varieties in the study area. A total of twelve released tef varieties were used in the experiment. Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications was used to execute this research activity. The analysis of variance showed that the genotypes differed significantly (p< 0.05) for harvest index, and lodging, and were highly significant (p<0.001) for days to heading, plant height and panicle length. Heritability estimate was moderately high for panicle length followed by plant height and days to 50% heading. Panicle length and plant height showed moderately high heritability with a high genetic advance as a percent of the mean. Grain yield showed a positive and highly significant (P < 0.001) correlation with biomass yield (0.97), lodging index (0.84) and plant height (0.82). To alleviate the limited access of improved tef varieties to study area these selected varieties need to be demonstration and popularized to farmers with their full production package to enhance the productivity of tef crop.