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Source-sink manipulation influences the grain-filling characteristics associated with the grain weight of rice

Satyabrata Sarkar, Fakhrul Islam Monshi, Md. Romij Uddin, Rehenuma Tabassum, Mohammad Joyel Sarkar, Ahmed Khairul Hasan

Published on: 31 Dec 2021 | DOI: | Volume: 8, Issue: 4 | Pages: 20-29 |

Source-sink and translocation capacity of assimilate can plays an important role during the grain formation. An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of source-sink manipulation on grain weight of rice using two rice varieties viz. BRRI dhan49 and Balam. Seven treatments were employed in the experiment and analyzed the data by randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. Considering yield and yield contributing characters, BRRI dhan49 performed better than Balam. The grain weight of BRRI dhan49 was increased when the half spikelets were removed. Manipulation on grains number which had strong effects on grain yield might be the main reason causing the lower grain yield. However, the individual grain weight increased in the 25% and 50% spikelet removal in between two rice varieties. When 50% or full flag leaves were removed, the grain size and percentage of filled grain were drastically reduced, resulting the ultimate lower yield. Moreover, the results suggested that the grain yield of BRRI dhan49 and Balam were limited by the sink activity, more than source capacity.