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On-farm assessment of productivity of improved varieties of wheat

Darya Khan Akbarzai, Omar Jan Mangal, Suhilla Nisar, Lina Mohammadi

Published on: 30 Sep 2021 | DOI: | Volume: 8, Issue: 3 | Pages: 11-16 |

Genetic material developed and improved are tested through a number of on-station trials, but are finally targeted for the farmers’ fields where the actual crop production takes place to feed the population of a country. Afghanistan needs to increase wheat production to support its domestic need of wheat consumption, reduce its imports and enhance the exports. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of the improved varieties of wheat in the target domain in Afghanistan. The improved varieties with a package of practice were implemented in farmers’ field through demonstration plots. A total of 223 farmers’ fields were included in the trials implemented in eight districts in East Central Zone. Across all the locations, the improved varieties showed substantial increase of yield over local variety in range of 53-86% and yield stability across the locations. Consequently, the wide use of improved varieties with package of practice can result considerable gain to farmers to harvest more yield which motivated farmer to accelerate variety replacement up 100% and other hand, this increase will positively recover farmers economic status. As whole, increase in the yield would be contributed to meet current need of the country in wheat and improve the food security.